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Say Cheese Food Truck: Friday, 4/27

Cantina Curbside Food Truck: Saturday, 5/5 (Cinco de Mayo)

Sunday Minor Band: Saturday, 5/5 (7-10pm)

Beers By Iron Duke
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  • Generosity »
    (American Lager)
    ABV – 5.8%   IBU - 10

    Positivity 3 »
    (Belgian Double IPA)
    ABV – 8.9%   IBU - 88

    156 » 
    (Imperial Porter)
    ABV – 8.1%   IBU - 72

    Shoes for Louie » 
    (English Strong Ale)
    ABV – 6.0%   IBU - 30

    (Irish Porter)
    ABV – 5.4%   IBU - 28

    The Common »
    (Kentucky Common Ale)
    ABV – 4.6%   IBU – 21 

    Dead Nuts » 
    (Rye IPA)
    ABV – 5.6%   IBU - 66 

    52 »
    (Russian Imperial Stout)
    ABV – 10.1%   IBU - 66 

    Stockhouse 122 »
    (Hoppy Pale Ale)
    ABV – 5.4%   IBU - 45

    Wendy Peffercorn »
    (White Rye)
    ABV – 4.8%   IBU - 19

  • Foreman Special ONE (Belgian IPA)
    Sinker (Breakfast Stout)
    Juneau (Alaskan Spruce Ale)
    Harvest Ale: 2015, 2016, 2017
    Wendy Peffercorn (White Rye)
    Herb (Raspberry Herbal Ale)
    Octoberfest (Fest bier)
    Rusty Horseshoe (Saison)
    Wild Card (Black Lager)
    StockHouse 122 (Hoppy Pale)
    4 A.M. (NE IPA)
    Stud Finder (Double IPA)


    Iron Smith's Pils (Pilsner)
    I.S. (Belgian Stout)
    Putts Bridge (American Brown)
    Truss (Barley Lager)
    Dari-Cool (Coolship IPA)
    Honey Wheat (Kottbusser Ale)
    Rock Solid (Chocolate Stout)
    Positivity 1-2 (IPA)
    Alternate Facts 1-4 (Sour Series)
    104 (Barley Wine)
    Murph (Irish Ale)
    2nd Running (2-Year Anniversary IPA)



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About Iron Duke Brewing

Iron Duke Brewing is located at the Historic Ludlow Mills complex in Ludlow, Massachusetts. Our home, Stockhouse 122, sits directly along Chicopee River. Originally used to house jute back in the early 1900's, Stockhouse 122 has over 100 years of history within its brick walls.

IDB was started a mere stone's throw away by a small group of close friends and family. It was during the spring of 2010 when we decided we wanted to make our dream of opening a brewery a reality.

Over the last 12 years, we have worked on perfecting our craft using a small nano system built from scratch in our garage. During that time, we have gathered an impressive collection of awards for wide variety of beer offerings.

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