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    Generosity (American Lager) 

    Generosity is our way of saying thank you to the countless friends and family that have been so generous with their time. An American Lager with Bourbon soaked Vanilla Beans straight from Madagascar.

    ABV – 5.8%   IBU – 10


    208 (Imperial Lager)

    This Imperial Lager is a celebration of our continued hard work and resilience as a local brewery four years running. We hope you enjoy this limited production lager as much as we do! Cheers from all of us at Iron Duke Brewing!  

    ABV- 10.1%   IBU - 88

    Eviction Notice (Black IPA) *Contains Nuts*

    Making routine trips to the post office exciting again. This Black IPA is a beautiful balance of citrus/resinous American hops and chocolate malt. To finish off this beer 20lbs of roasted pecans add a little extra roasted goodness

    ABV – 8.6%   IBU - 86

    Baby-Maker (Irish Porter)

    This dark ruby colored ale that’s slightly malty sweet with a delightful roasted finish. No parent likes to admit they have a favorite, but Baby-Maker holds a special place in our hearts.

    ABV – 5.4%   IBU - 28


    Harvest Ale (Farmhouse Amber Ale)

    The air is cool and the leaves have fallen. Every year we brew this malty rich amber with over 50 lbs. of freshly picked whole leaf local hops from Four Star Farms.  This years Harvest has given us our very first Farmhouse style Amber Ale.

    ABV - 6.5% IBU- 30


    4AM (NEIPA)

    Ever wonder what goes on in the 4 a.m. hour? When it’s not yesterday and tomorrow hasn’t begun? At Iron Duke, this is the time we spend dreaming up our best ideas. This rarely experienced hour of 4 a.m. has yielded a heavily hopped creation. We brew this one to honor all of the people who work late and rise early.

    ABV – 6.9%   IBU – 78

    Dead Nuts (Rye IPA)

    Amidst the whirlwind of construction dust and debris, shouts of “It’s Dead Nuts!” Would echo throughout the brewery. A phrase that denotes perfection in symmetry, balance, and harmony. It’s what we’ve done with our American IPA. Rye malts counter-balance American Hops to give our flagship IPA a smooth yet robust finish.
    ABV – 5.6%   IBU - 66 

    Sinker (Breakfast Stout)

    Most early morning work days here at the brewery are accompanied by a heavy duty donut(or two) from our favorite local bakeries.  Without fail, they have provided us with a little motivation and a sugar pick me up to power through those tough jobs. These extra large pastries have come to be known as sinkers.  Our Oatmeal Stout is a hearty treat for any beer drinker. It is brewed using traditional ingredients of an oatmeal stout but with a little extra chocolatey goodness that makes it a beer to savor.  

    ABV - 5% IBU - 20



    Putt's Bridge (American Brown Ale)

    In the early 1900's, when the clock tower bell rung, the employees that lived in on the Indian Orchard side of the Chicopee River would walk across the Putts Bridge to come put in a hard day's work. This American Brown Ale is a dark ruby colored beer moderately hopped with a malty, sweet, and rich flavor.

    ABV - 6.7%  IBU - 33


    Ginger Kerfuffle (Ginger Pineapple Sour Lager)

    After months of experimentation and taste testing we have finally found the perfect combination of flavors for our latest experimental sour beer.  It was first fermented as a lager and sour conditioned in our dairy tank coolship with heaps of freshly diced pineapple. Over 50 pounds of ginger was then blended into this concoction to create a kerfuffle of flavor. 

    ABV - 4.3%   IBU - 10

    Fifty Two COFFEE (Russian Imperial Stout)

    This formidable stout was crafted with strength and longevity in mind. Brewed with rich dark specialty malts; infused with coffee beans from our friends over at The Common Grounds; Our 1st anniversary beer brings a roasted stone fruit flavor that will only evolve with Age

    ABV - 10.1%   IBU - 66


  • Foreman Special ONE (Belgian IPA)

    Harvest Ale: 2015, 2016, 2017

    Herb (Raspberry Herbal Ale)

    Rusty Horseshoe (Saison)

    Wild Card (Black Lager)

    Shoes for Louie (English Strong Ale)

    Murph (Irish Ale)

    2nd Running (2-Year Anniversary IPA)

    Iron Smith's Pils (Pilsner)

    I.S. (Belgian Stout)

    Putts Bridge (American Brown)

    Truss (Barley Lager)

    Dari-Cool (Coolship IPA)

    Honey Wheat (Kottbusser Ale)

    Rock Solid (Chocolate Stout)

    Positivity 1-2 (IPA)

    Alternate Facts 1-4 (Sour Series)

    104 (Barley Wine)



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About Iron Duke Brewing

Iron Duke Brewing is located at the Historic Ludlow Mills complex in Ludlow, Massachusetts. Our home, Stockhouse 122, sits directly along Chicopee River. Originally used to house jute back in the early 1900's, Stockhouse 122 has over 100 years of history within its brick walls.

IDB was started a mere stone's throw away by a small group of close friends and family. It was during the spring of 2010 when we decided we wanted to make our dream of opening a brewery a reality.

Over the last 12 years, we have worked on perfecting our craft using a small nano system built from scratch in our garage. During that time, we have gathered an impressive collection of awards for wide variety of beer offerings.